Americas Most Terrifying Places

Most Terrifying Places in America
March 17th, 2012


The Haunted Sorrel-Weed House was featured on:

Americas Most Terrifying Places

The show aired in 2010 & was one of the most popular episodes seen. While they were filming the episode inside the Sorrel-Weed House, there were a couple of times that members of the crew were pretty convinced that something was definitely having an effect on their equipment.

There have been many times when guests on the Tours of the house, have had cameras completely drain of power, then amazingly come back to life once they leave the house. Other times, cameras will simply create incredibly strange picture effects, that have never been seen on the camera before. There have even been reports of cameras dying within the house & never working properly ever again.

So, just a warning, if you are bringing your camera on a tour of the home, there is always the chance that “something” could happen.

Here is a clip from the Episode of ‘Americas Most Terrifying Places’:


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